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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Not an Amateur Wall Job

Lace walls like this one predominate the New England Landscape – stones deliberately stacked by farmers in New England centuries ago to keep the cows and sheep in and allow the strong ocean winds to pass through. The walls we construct today have evolved over the centuries and have lost their original New England flavor.  Continue Reading »

Plants of Interest for the Fall Season

This time of year most people view their gardens as being done for the season until the following spring – Not so! Here are a few suggestions of colorful fall plants that extend the life of your garden.

August & September are Ideal for Lawn Renovations

Now that the cooler, wetter weather conditions have arrived, it signals your lawn to start growing again – making it ideal for our late summer lawn renovation operations. We plan to begin overseeding work this week. Don’t forget to help the new seeds along with a little additional watering (if necessary). Click “read more” to  Continue Reading »

A Low-Tech Mosquito Deterrent

I discovered by accident that running a fan on my deck was not only a great way to cool off, but also a terrific mosquito deterrent. My sister-in-law Betsy just shared this article with me. If you want to read more check out this New York Times article Mosquito Deterrent