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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Photo compliments of: New York Botanic Garden

I Wish It Would Rain

We’re concerned about the absence of rain this fall and the potential drought stress that it’s causing your plants. If you’re able, please water them thoroughly until the soil is saturated (1-1.5 hours) a couple of times, until the first hard freeze. Especially, water your new plantings and evergreens – they are most susceptible to  Continue Reading »

Alternative Patio Pavers

I came across this charming city garden. The designer repurposed antique granite curbing and cobblestones to build the patio.

Just a reminder…

When you’re switching your screens over to storm windows and putting the patio furniture away pretty soon, don’t forget to bring your house plants indoors before the first frost and be sure to inspect them for insects.

Spring Flowering Bulbs that Merit More Attention

When I mention spring flowering bulbs, most people think of tulips and daffodils. Here are a few other bulb varieties that tend to be overlooked. You might consider adding some of these to your bulb planting palette…