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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Pollard Pruning

Pollarding is a pruning technique that’s been around since the middle ages. The upper branches of a tree are removed to promote dense foliage during the growing season to maintain, to keep the trees inbounds. There’s a sculptural element to a pollarded tree in wintertime – I think they’re quite beautiful in the landscape.

To Protect Your Plants

The lack of rain this fall has significantly depleted evergreen plant reserves of moisture which they need, to get them through the winter months. There is a treatment that will help protect them from losing any additional water – an anti-transpirant. Prior to a hard freeze, we can spray your evergreens with an anti-transpirant to  Continue Reading »

Marathon Daffodils

In memory of the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy, a number of local horticultural organizations, communities and volunteers have partnered to plant 100,000 daffodils along the marathon route – it’s sure to be a memorable tribute.