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Monthly Archives: August 2014

August & September are Ideal for Lawn Renovations

Now that the cooler weather conditions have arrived, it signals your lawn to start growing again – making it ideal for our late summer lawn renovation operations.   We plan to begin overseeding work this week. Don’t forget to help the new seeds along with a little additional watering (if necessary). See Watering Recommendations below…  Continue Reading »

Lawn Aeration

We have begun lawn aeration this week – here’s why… Aeration promotes oxygen circulation, increases water and fertilizer uptake, and improves root health. Aeration is normally done on an annual basis using a power aerator, which removes cores of soil, and deposits them on the surface. The cores will break down naturally over time so  Continue Reading »

Still waiting…

…for the gas and Argentinian grills to arrive, and furniture as well.

Outdoor Kitchen and Living Area

The project is substantially complete – now just waiting for the grills to arrive. We’ll be installing the chicken coop next week.

Are You Wondering Why Your Hydrangeas Aren’t Blooming this Summer?

I’ve been following David Epstein’s blog: Growing Wisdom and have found lots of good gardening tips and accurate weather forecasts. If you’re wondering why your hydrangeas aren’t blooming this summer, perhaps his article will explain why: Below is an excerpt from his recent post. Also be sure to check out his video on how  Continue Reading »