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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Now’s the Time to Take Note

If you’ve been noticing chewed leaves on your trees and shrubs, nike air max 2016 goedkoop or find little green caterpillars dangling from the trees, bns gold they’re probably winter moths. air max 90 homme If we’re not already spraying, nike air max 2016 zwart now’s the time to let us know that you’d like  Continue Reading »

Patience is a Virtue When it Comes to Plant Recovery

Most Plants Should Recover with a Little Patience & Time Nilsen Landscape Design shared a post from Mahoney’s explaining what can be done to help your plants recover from this never ending winter and I wanted to share it with you as well.

Something to mull over

  Something to mull over …as our glacial snow banks start to recede and this never ending winter is still on our minds. Have you ever considered installing a radiant heating system for your walkways and drive? Here’s a link to Warmzone, a company that makes reliable snow melting systems. Let me know if you’re  Continue Reading »

Watering Alert

Let it Rain, Let it Rain We’re concerned about the absence of rain this summer and the drought stress that it’s causing your plants and lawn. Please be sure to do some supplemental watering if you have irrigation and water thoroughly until the soil is well saturated (1-1.5 hours) at least a couple times a  Continue Reading »