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Who Doesn’t Love Peonies?

The flowers don’t last long but when peonies are in full bloom, nothing quite compares. In the right conditions, they’re practically care-free. Here are some of my faves… Don’t Judge Peonies On Looks Alone

Squirrels: Prepare for Battle

Every year we lose some bulbs to squirrels, and every year I vow to take more action to fight them. There are many home remedies to keep squirrels away, including dusting cayenne pepper or blood meal on the soil or around the base of the plants as they start to emerge. (If you do this,  Continue Reading »

The Lone Wolf Elm Tree

I came upon this magnificent old elm tree on my annual Canadian bike ride (this year Prince Edward Island). Because of their hardiness, elm trees once lined most streets in every American town and city, then sadly over time (between the 1930s and 60s) they succumbed to Dutch elm disease. So far this solitary elm  Continue Reading »

An Organic Alternative for Weed Control

Roundup® Weed Control has been a staple of the agricultural and horticultural industries forever. The more I’ve learned about its adverse effects on the environment and our health, the more I’ve looked for alternatives. I’m happy to share what we’ve found – a simple recipe combining vinegar, salt and dish soap – almost sounds like  Continue Reading »

A Special Thanks

You probably heard about yesterday’s “Day without Immigrants” protests in Boston and throughout the country. As you know, our company relies heavily on immigrants from Central America who have made Massachusetts their home. Many of my employees had planned to take the day off in solidarity with fellow immigrants demonstrating in Boston. When news of  Continue Reading »

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