Two surefire ways to rid your garden of unwelcome rabbits:


ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent

It conditions rabbits to stay away from your garden by seeking out the movement of animals and frightening them off with quick bursts of water.

How it works: This electronic animal detector can detect rabbit movement up to thirty-five feet away. When a rabbit crosses its path, the sprinkler releases a burst of water which is combined with noise and motion that can safely repel critters.

ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent

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DeFence® Rabbit Repellent Granular

How repellent works: Repellent contains the highest concentration of 2 powerful, scientifically-proven deterrents putrescent egg and dried blood. The odors of these 2 deterrents mimic that of a decaying animal and cause rabbits to move onto a more welcoming area.

How to use: You can sprinkle DeFence® pellets in front of your flowerbeds and around your gardens to create an odor barrier that will surely keep rabbits out.

Havahart DeFence Rabbit & Deer Repelling Granular Pellets cropped

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